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Cute Cat Humidifier 250ml

Cute Cat Humidifier 250ml

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Nobody deserves to be breathing dry air, right? Your nose is burning and hurts, your eyes are dry and you sleep badly, which is harmful to your health.

Now imagine eliminating all that in the most stylish way possible right away! Meet the Cute Cat Humidifier that is already transforming homes on all continents of the world!

With a unique kitty design, the Cute Cat Humidifier is compact and ideal for you to take with you, whether for your work or your travels. Plus, the ultrasonic humidifier has a continuous spray mode and a night light function, great for kids rooms! 

Sounds like a dream, right? But it does not stop there! It also has an aromatherapy diffuser so you can enjoy your favorite essential oils and leave your home smelling the way you want! 

Compact and super cute design

USB connection with super power, durability and efficiency

Continuous and intermittent spray mode to always keep the air humid

Colored lights and night function to avoid discomfort


USB Air Humidifier 250 mL

Material: ABS + Silicone + PP

Water Capacity: 250ML

Color: Pink / Green / White

Power: 2W

Voltage: 5V

Output: 45ml/h

Accessories: USB cable, comes with cotton swab



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